Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) How do you install Trellis Netting?

A.) To construct a vertical application place two stakes into the ground.  Next attach a piece of wire between the stakes top and bottom.  Finish by fastening the Trellis Netting accordingly.

For a tent style application place two stakes into the ground.  Attach a piece of wire between the top of the stakes.  Peg down the Trellis Netting on one side.  Drape the netting over the wire and peg it down on the opposite side.  Finish by fastening the Trellis Netting accordingly. 

Q.) How do you apply Shrub Wrap

A.) Start wrapping at the bottom of the shrub until the netting snags, allowing you to start pulling tighter.  Continue wrapping in an upward spiral direction overlapping by half the width to eliminate gaps.  Once at the top of the shrub, unroll a certain length and cut the wrap, tuck the loose end into the shrub, or tie the netting off to itself.